Effect of Pre-sleep Casein and Tryptophan Supplementation on Energy Expenditure Before, During, and After Exercise in Active Females

Hannah Nelson, Silvio P. Valladão, Neil Schwarz, Melinda Valliant, Thomas L. Andre
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The Effects of a Baseball Season on Various Body Composition Measurements in NCAA Division I Baseball Players

Jordan R. Marthens, Sofia R. Sanchez Porush, Selena A. Sharpless, Mary K. Oates, Andrew A. Schaffner, Angelos K. Sikalidis, Scott K. Reaves
Abstract 1301 | PDF Downloads 665

Changes in Body Composition and Activity Levels of a Division-1 Football Team During COVID-19

Mitchell C. Cholewinski, Julie Anna Buzzard, Quiara Gordon, Ryan N. Ross, LesLee K. Funderburk, Andrew Galucci
Abstract 460 | PDF Downloads 189