2021, Volume 4 (Issue 1)

Effect of Pre-sleep Casein and Tryptophan Supplementation on Energy Expenditure Before, During, and After Exercise in Active Females
Original Research, 2021, Volume 4 (Issue 1)
Hannah Nelson, Silvio Valladàƒo, Neil Schwarz, Melinda Valliant, Thomas Andre
January 13, 2021

The Cardiometabolic Responses to Eccentric Resistance Exercise are Attenuated Compared to Load Matched Concentric and Traditional Resistance Exercise
Original Research, 2021, Volume 4 (Issue 1)
Stephen M. Fischer, John McDaniel, Jon Stavres
January 28, 2021

The Effects of a Baseball Season on Various Body Composition Measurements in NCAA Division I Baseball Players
Original Research, 2021, Volume 4 (Issue 1)
Jordan Marthens, Sofia Sanchez Porush, Selena Sharpless, Mary Oates, Angelos Sikalidis, Scott Reaves, Andrew Schaffner
February 24, 2021

Changes in Body Composition and Activity Levels of a Division-1 Football Team During COVID-19
Original Research, 2021, Volume 4 (Issue 1)
Mitchell Cholewinski, Julie Anna Buzzard, Quiara Gordon, Ryan Ross, LesLee Funderburk, Andrew Gallucci
March 17, 2021