2018, Volume 1 (Issue 3)

The Effect of Peanut Butter Overfeeding in Trained Men and Women: A Pilot Trial
Research Brief, 2018, Volume 1 (Issue 3)
Jose Antonio, Cara Axelrod, Anya Ellerbroek, Cassandra Carson, Victoria Burgess, Tobin Silver, Corey A. Peacock

The Effects of a 7-Day Water Aerobics Exercise Intervention on the Cerebral Hyperemic Response to a Cognitive Task in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Original Research, 2018, Volume 1 (Issue 3)
Brandon S. Pollock, Jennifer Petersen, Dayana Calvo, Hayden Gerhart, Keith Burns, John McDaniel, Mary B. Spitzangel, Angela L. Ridgel

Development of the Muscle Mass Obtainment Inventory
Original Research, 2018, Volume 1 (Issue 3)
Davis Hale, Roger O. Kollock, Portia Resnick