2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)

Variability in Preseason Jump Loads and Heart Rate Intensities in Division I Volleyball
Case Study, 2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)
Haley Libs, Brian Boos, Frank Shipley, Gabriel J. Sanders

Greater Reliance on Carbohydrates during Single Leg Versus Double Leg Cycling
Research Brief, 2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)
Shane Draper, Sarah Kearney, John McDaniel

Relationship Between Non-curved, Non-motorized, Resistance Treadmill Sprinting and Ground Speeds in American Football Players
Research Brief, 2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)
Corey Peacock, Gabriel Sanders, Jacob Peacock, Jose Antonio, Tobin Silver

Body Composition Assessment: A Comparison of the Bod Pod, InBody 770, and DXA
Research Brief, 2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)
Jose Antonio, Maddy Kenyon, Anya Ellerbroek, Cassandra Carson, Denvyr Tyler-Palmer, Victoria Burgess, Gerseli Angeli, Tobin Silver, Lia Jiannine, Corey Peacock

Collegiate Female Athletes and Their Odds of Injury Based on Functional Movement Screen Composite Scores
Short Review, 2019, Volume 2 (Issue 2)
Madeline Lyons, Roger Kollock, Davis Hale