Journal of Exercise and Nutrition

The Journal of Exercise and Nutrition (JEN) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to enhance both basic and applied research in multiple areas of sports, exercise, and nutrition. The journal provides researchers, practitioners, and students with an advanced platform for both novel and cutting-edge practices in the field of exercise science and nutrition.

ISSN: 2640-2572

New Articles

The Effects of Lepidium Meyenii on Grip Strength, Fatigue, and Sexual Behavior
Original Research
Lia Jiannine, Jose Antonio

Don’t Sweat Your Hair Out: The Frequency of Exercise for African American Women with Natural Hair
Original Research
Afiya Mbilishaka, Avery Lacey

Comparison of Peak Torque and Aerobic Capacity Asymmetries in the Lower Limbs
Original Research
Sara A. Harper, Morgan Cooper Bagley, Lisa Custer, John McDaniel

Physical Fitness Level of First Year Exercise Science Students
Research Brief
Brenda Reeves, Erin Barwick, Priscilla Maghrabi

Restriction of Dietary Short Chain Carbohydrates May Attenuate Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Athletes
Short Review
Cara Axelrod

The Effect of Caffeine Alone or as Part of a Multi-ingredient Pre-workout Supplement on Muscular Endurance in Recreationally Active College Males
Original Research
Phillip J. Prins, Edward J. Ryan, Nathanael J. Sprunk, Erin M. Green, David M. Jeffries, Jeffrey D. Buxton

The Effect of Ketogenic Diets on the Gut Microbiota
Short Review
Anya Ellerbroek

Body Composition Assessment of NFL Combine Athletes: DXA, BIS and Bod Pod
Research Brief
Jose Antonio, Victoria Burgess, Pete Bommarito, Cara Axelrod, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Tobin Silver, Corey A. Peacock

Effectiveness of a Community-Based Health Promotion “Rethink Your Drink” on Reducing Sugary Beverage Consumption: A Case Study
Case Study
Priscilla Maghrabi, Miranda Terry

Timing of Creatine Supplementation and Resistance Training: A Brief Review
Short Review
Scott C. Forbes, Darren G. Candow

Acute Aerobic Exercise Decreases a Neurophysiological Response to Emotionally Negative Stimuli
Original Research
Jamie Tartar, Sebastien Salzmann, Roodelyne Pierreulus, Jose Antonio

High and Low Impact Physical Activity Positively Influences Female Bone Density
Research Brief
Tobin Silver, Anya Ellerbroek, Sarah Knafo, Corey A. Peacock, Jamie Tartar, Jose Antonio

The Effects of Dietary Manipulations on Ultrasound Assessment of Muscle Size and Quality: A Pilot Study
Original Research
Phillip A. Sapp, Jeremy R. Townsend, William C. Vantrease, Autumn C. Marshall, Kent D. Johnson

Validity of A Portable EKG Device to Monitor Heart Rate and Rhythm in College-aged Male Athletes
Original Research
Brenda Reeves, Priscilla Maghrabi, Brock Guetzke, Anna Howery

Training for the NFL Combine: Body Composition Changes
Research Brief
Jose Antonio, Corey A. Peacock, Cassandra Carson, Anya Ellerbroek, Pete Bommarito, Tobin Silver