Journal of Exercise and Nutrition

The Journal of Exercise and Nutrition (JEN) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to enhance both basic and applied research in multiple areas of sports, exercise, and nutrition. The journal provides researchers, practitioners, and students with an advanced platform for both novel and cutting-edge practices in the field of exercise science and nutrition.

ISSN: 2640-2572

Special Issue: Research and Application in Combat Athletes

New Articles

The Effect of Water Loading for Acute Weight Loss Following Fluid Restriction on Sleep Quality and Quantity in Combat Sports Athletes
Original Research
Ian Dunican, Peter Eastwood, Kevin Murray, John Caldwell, Reid Reale

Relationship Between Orthorexia Nervosa and Health and Fitness Status Among Students in Health-Related Academic Programs
Original Research
Brenda Reeves, Priscilla Maghrabi, Savannah Grogan

A High Protein Diet Improves Exercise Performance Outcomes to Workouts Completed on Gravity-Independent Hardware
Original Research
Alexandria Vanhoover, Bailey McEnroe, Dane Gray, Ian O'Brien, Amy Kozerski, Ema Selimovic, Kathy Carter, Jessica Stumbo, John Caruso

The Effects of Short Term β-Alanine Supplementation on Performance in Division III Male and Female Rowers
Original Research
Maddie Jaques, Daniel Glick, Dante Greco-Henderson, Stephen Ives

Psychedelics: Overlooked Clinical Tools with Unexplored Ergogenic Potential
Short Review
Steven Machek

Sports Nutrition Knowledge of Athletic Trainers
Original Research
Shelley Holden, Neil Schwarz, Geoffrey Hudson

Kick Plate Position and Track Start Biomechanics in Elite Swimmers
Original Research
Angela Cicenia, Caroline Oster, Monique Mokha

Body Composition Assessment: A Comparison of the Bod Pod, InBody 770, and DXA
Research Brief
Jose Antonio, Maddy Kenyon, Anya Ellerbroek, Cassandra Carson, Denvyr Tyler-Palmer, Victoria Burgess, Gerseli Angeli, Tobin Silver, Lia Jiannine, Corey Peacock

Relationship Between Non-curved, Non-motorized, Resistance Treadmill Sprinting and Ground Speeds in American Football Players
Research Brief
Corey Peacock, Gabriel Sanders, Jacob Peacock, Jose Antonio, Tobin Silver

Variability in Preseason Jump Loads and Heart Rate Intensities in Division I Volleyball
Case Study
Haley Libs, Brian Boos, Frank Shipley, Gabriel J. Sanders

Greater Reliance on Carbohydrates during Single Leg Versus Double Leg Cycling
Research Brief
Shane Draper, Sarah Kearney, John McDaniel

Collegiate Female Athletes and Their Odds of Injury Based on Functional Movement Screen Composite Scores
Short Review
Madeline Lyons, Roger Kollock, Davis Hale

The Effects of Lepidium Meyenii on Grip Strength, Fatigue, and Sexual Behavior
Original Research
Lia Jiannine, Jose Antonio

Don’t Sweat Your Hair Out: The Frequency of Exercise for African American Women with Natural Hair
Original Research
Afiya Mbilishaka, Avery Lacey

Comparison of Peak Torque and Aerobic Capacity Asymmetries in the Lower Limbs
Original Research
Sara A. Harper, Morgan Cooper Bagley, Lisa Custer, John McDaniel