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Iron Status and Dietary Patterns of Collegiate Female Distance Runners

Rachel Walny, Todd Keylock, Carrie Hamady, Wan Shen
Abstract 55 | PDF Downloads 29 | DOI

Comparison of Peak Aerobic Capacity Between the Treadmill and a Skiing Ergometer

Hannah Nelson, Andy Bosak, Russell Lowell, Maggie McDermott, Branden Ziebell, Moroni de Moors, Anna Blackley, Samuel Arter
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 48 | DOI

Dietary Supplement Usage, Associated Knowledge and Attitudes of Sri Lankan National-Level Athletes: A Cross Sectional Study

Suraweera Aracchilage Nimesha Rashani, Shehani Pigera, Punchividanelage Nilu Jayashika Fernando, Madunil Anuk Niriella, Seevali Jayantha Jayawickreme, Arjuna Priyadarsin De Silva
Abstract 105 | PDF Downloads 69 | DOI

Maximal Fat Oxidation During Running: A Reliability and Thermo-Metabolism Pilot Study

Samuel Daoust, Stephanie Munten, Dominique D. Gagnon
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 31

Effects of an Amylopectin-Chromium Complex Plus Whey Protein on Strength and Power After Eight Weeks of Resistance Training

Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Kyle Cesareo, Betsy Raub, A. William Kedia, Jennifer E. Sandrock, Chad M. Kerksick, Arny A. Ferrando, Hector L. Lopez
Abstract 593 | PDF Downloads 65

The Effect of Intensity of Exercise on Appetite and Food Intake Regulation in Post-Exercise Period: A Randomized Trial

Alireza Jahan-mihan, Peter Magyari, Sherry O. Pinkstaff
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 42

Morning Versus Evening Short-Term Whey Protein Supplementation in Collegiate Athletes

Jennifer B. Fields, Brittanie L. Lockard, Meghan K. Magee, Margaret T. Jones
Abstract 112 | PDF Downloads 42